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These are, as this section's name indicates it, works that I've had ideas for, but am not necessarily in the process of making right now. Teasers, in a way, except tha tthese ones don't have any images nor music put to them yet, only words.


Anime: DT Eightron
Song: Switchblade Symphony, Naked Birthday

Gakuen Senki Muryoh is exactly the type of anime that just looks average, and that one would watch only when they're bored... before it turns out to be an interesting series, just a little long to set the full stage and characters. No need to say that I was pleasantly surprised with it, and thought that it could be worth turning it into an AMV.

While this wasn't my primary idea to work with, I've decided to drop my first project with it, and work on a character profile (namely of Harumi and her father). The song is pretty fitting in myeyes, and its mood "nicely" reflecting the lingering feeling of regrets and guilt that plagues the Mineo family.


Anime: Oniisama E / Ceres, Celestial Legend
Song: Within Temptation, Dangerous Mind

Actually, I have two ideas that I can use with this song (a pretty inspiring one for me, I must say). I haven't decided yet, to be honest; if I have the time and dedication, I'll make the both of them, but as I doubt it, well, a choice will be made in a few weeks or a a few months...


Anime: Rune Soldier Louie
Song: Jennifer Saunders, Holding Out For A Hero

With a "hero" like this one, no need for enemies!...

Perhaps this song's choice isn't very original, but no sooner had I finished watching Rune Soldier Louie that I immediately thought I HAD to do something with it. Then came the idea: the series being pretty much comical, what's best than a serious song to go with it?

I chose the song version from the Shrek 2 soundtrack because I thought it'd fit an AMV better. As much as I like the original version sung by Bonnie Tyler, I don't "see" with it the same connection between lyrics/music/clips as well as I do for the Shrek one.



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