Anime: Perfect Blue
Song: Dark
Artist: Gary Numan
Format: MPG (MPEG-1/MP2)
Duration: 4:42
Filesize: 46.8 Mb
Date released : April 28th, 2002

The darkness that lies within every soul. Doubts, fears, and the agonized, everlasting question - who am I *really*?

This is what Perfect Blue made me think of, the first time I had seen the movie in theatre. It's all about perceptions - Mima's, the Stalker's, the Other's, whose true identity isn't revealed until the end... and even when the movie ends, you're still not sure whether it all was a nightmare, or a part of real life that fell into nightmare, or madness...

Who's mad? Who's hiding the darkest mind? Who's playing a role, and who's forcing others to play a role?

Even if the movie shows us Mima living a life that slowly sinks in nightmare, her fears and doubts, as well as this dark part she's so afraid to discover, lie in her heart of hearts from the beginning.

They were always here. They just unveil slower than expected.


This the very first AMV I managed to finish... I first intended to have this video follow the movie's timeline... I had those images in mind, but no real plan for them, until a few hours, at the least, had passed. Then it began to live by itself, so to say. The first draft was made in a single evening, but then I needed to edit it at least ten times before being satisfied with the result...even if I'm sure that in two months, I'll feel the need to edit again ^_^;

It's amazing, how much crap you can notice in the following days... or even the following hours. Misplaced frames, lack of sync between image and music... It's hard to produce good stuf! I however guess that I can still call this a "surge of inspiration"... I was listening to this song of Gary Numan and the images so to say went by themselves to find a place within the melody.

Seems that some things would've needed to be fixed though... and that I could have made more efforts about digital effects, especially on "faces overlays "... but I keep that for when I'm more at ease with Premiere. I've tried to have lip sync whenever it would've been too obvious that NOT having it would give an odd feeling to the scene... but I'm sure I can do better than this a next time.

In any case, it's all Dark City's fault.



The very last sequence of the movie gave me the general mood for this video. The one where Mima enters her car, looks at her face in the rear view mirror, and gives herself a somewhat *very* nasty smile, as if from the beginning, SHE had directed the whole scenario. Was she driven to madness by Rumi? By herself? Or was she already this way before, playing a seemingly innocent role while in fact she'd taken a more important part in it? I never exactly knew, and I'm pretty sure that even if I watch the movie a couple of times again, doubt will still remain.

Numan's lyrics also reminded me of the way "the Other Mima" and Me-Mania were reacting... being convinced that the only Mima who deserved to exist was the leader of the Chams, and certainly not the "new" Mima, the one that accepted to pose nude and play hard scenes in movies. As if they were the only ones to have a right to decide of what her existence would be, and finally... to get rid of her because she didn't match their expectancies.

Getting rid of the people that had "pushed" her into this dark side of the scene's world, also, was part of this playing-God matter, to me - "They dirtied her image, so we'll kill them, and she'll be saved". Playing God, shaping a new existence for Mima, an existence that would be clean and innocent again, just as it was when she simply was an idol.

Bringing the childish (and also cruel) part to the light again, while kicking back and burying adulthood in darkness...

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