I was on a rollercoaster of video editing and trying to learn as much as I could about it, because I don't like doing stuff that I don't understand. The end result is a new vid, A Legacy Of Sadness, done to Gakuen Senki Muryou and Nevermore Sorrow by Ashram. This basically marks my entrance into the world of complete DVD ripping, proper pre- and post-processing cleaning, and better compression methods.


Yes, I'm back into the swing of things! And as I'm putting the final touches to my new AMV, it's also time for a bit of a revamp on this site... Nothing flashy, nothing fantastic, just something better than these awful and complex frames (I don't want to know what I had smoken on the day I decided to use these).

I'm now hosting my AMVs at AMV.org, due to not having any server available for the moment; the domain name and webspace I own are located on a host that probably wouldn't allow such file transfers, or at least would limit them quickly, so the primary download place from now on will be at the Org. (Note:ou need to be registered there to be able to download.)

I've also put my latest AMV, Of Shadows And Dreams, as a download there.


This small site was finally given birth to, after pondering about what I'd do with my AMV stuff if one day I were to put it online...

Of course, there was a lot of pondering, too, about whether I'd use my precious bandwidth, which is already used for hosting a site and the FTP server... But as I came to the conclusion that RARing files would take less space (and not only space...) than direct download, well, finally... why not giving it a try?

I hope you'll all enjoy the (surely) few AMV I'll be able to make. This is nothing compared to people that've been creating some for years now, but I just intended on having fun with the ideas that kept on popping in my mind... and I hope you'll also have fun in viewing my silly stuff... :)



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